Music i like ! (:

So i'm not going to lie, christian music is pretty sad. Too cheesy, too repetitive yada yada. So i am here to prove to the world that there is good clean music out there!

Brooke Fraser (one of the main singers for hillsong) recently came out with a  song called something in the water. check it out :

Another hum-worthy tune is Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.  Although there song isn't that new many people don't know about it.
btw. it does use the ass word . . but hey ass is used in the Bible right ?

Mustered Seed is a song that was written by Ben & Alex (twins that used to attend are church but are currently going to college at Azuza Pacific). its pretty amazing (:

Who doesn't like John Mayer ?!? My personal favorite : The Heart of Life

I actually found out about fleet foxes through Brooke Fraser  because they are one of her favorite bands .

Sufjan Stevens is a Christan who prefers to allude to spiritual themes in his songs. I definitely appreciate the mellowness .

This song just makes me happy :) 

The lyrics confuse me but the beat is so freakin' catchy ! btw. her other songs suck . . 

BigBang is a Norwegian band (i know right!) and there song makes me want to travel the world in search of antique candy shops & rolling purple hills :)

Ok so i feel kinda guilty when i listen to these song just because they are so cheesy but its a kinda guilty that makes you grin like a three year old .

Bon Iver is crack even though im pretty sure i am now a heathen just for saying that :) Anyways, he deserves 2 songs to his name so here goes :

Sutton introduced me to the wonderful band from Iceland : sigur ros <3 They are mostly instrumental with some unintelligible gibberish in the background . Least to say,  it's the stuff dreams are made out of. . .

Have i ever told you that i want to name my daughter clementine ? Just so i can sing this to her while i wash the dishes (albeit, it is a sad song)

My Bible teacher's son came out with a new cd called "Hey Baby." Thought i would support the local music & bought a couple. It's pretty cute. There is one song i really like called Top of The Tallest Tree. I especially love the part where he talks about New Mexico's watermelon skies :)