Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Theology 101

My dad asked me the other night whether God needed our praise. I took a little time to think about it and I'm a little ashamed to say i said yes. I mean, why else would God create us? Of course, i was wrong. Its not to say that God doesn't love us, because he does. It's just that he doesn't need us. God wants us to dedicate our lives to Him, to praise Him and serve him because it is good for us. He has our best interests at heart and what is really good for us is to be his servants. It's hard to grapple with i know, but to live a happy and meaningful life (a.k.a. the American dream) we need to give it up to Him. It sounds so backwards, so against our instincts; give up control? be servants to an "unknown" God? WHAAA? But if you look around it is those who seem to "have it all" that are least satisfied (ex. Kim Kardashian teeheee). So its almost as if we weren't servants; God doesn't need it, we are in a sense doing it for ourselves because by recognizing that God is perfect and deserves our undivided attention we find ourselves. That's how much he loves us . . that his greatest desire is for his creation to be successful and happy. he is not some selfish, conceited, demeaning God (although he has every right to be). He is a God of love and compassion for his children. Adoring God is like medicine, at first its difficult but in the end it is healthy for us. In fact, it can even be addicting but of course that would be an indication of drug abuse and as we all know from Jichael Mackson thats a no no. HA' that was a joke -.- All i am trying to say is that when we love Him and trust Him we are happier people. God knows what He is doing. At first it might seem like an oxyomoron but God created us, he has just a teensy weensy bit more experience. We need to accept as humans that looks can be deceiving and what we perceive as fulfilling isn't always good for us.